Perfusion Imaging to Select Patients with Large Ischemic Core for Mechanical Thrombectomy
Basile Kerleroux, Kevin Janot, Cyril Dargazanli, Dimitri Daly-Eraya, Wagih Ben-Hassen, François Zhu, Benjamin Gory, Jean François Hak, Charline Perot, Lili Detraz, Romain Bourcier, Aymeric Rouchaud, Géraud Forestier, Joseph Benzakoun, Gaultier Marnat, Florent Gariel, Pasquale Mordasini, Johannes Kaesmacher, Grégoire Boulouis, on Behalf of the JENI Research Collaborative
J Stroke. 2020;22(2):225-233.   Published online 2020 May 31     DOI:
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